Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal – No One’s To Blame (Nourey Remix)

Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal – No One’s To Blame (Nourey Remix)

RATING: (18.2/20)
Energy: 9.4/10
Emotions: 8.8/10

We are back! To kick off this year, we have picked something interesting & worthy. Approximately a year ago, Gabriel & Dresden 🇺🇸 released their 2nd album “Remedy” on Anjunabeats. Many of those tracks got remixed by various artists and the amazing response led to the release of a remix album: “Remedy Remixed”. For this review, we chose to go with Nourey 🇪🇬 🇺🇸 for she’s not only a notable name in our “ones to watch” but also because of the track she chose to remix, and she even did 2 remixes for this album. No One’s To Blame is a deep vocal tune with Sub Teal 🇺🇸, reminiscing the classic days of electronic music through its analog production. We’ve heard the progressive house rendition by FSOE UV veteran Dylhen (which also got a respray by the original artist), let’s now have a look at this version.

The powerful intro features a mystic, dark atmosphere achieved through fx & 8-bit fills. The 1st climax has an energetic groove & an electrifying progressive bassline complemented by punchy stabs. As this keeps intensifying, the bassline fetches notes from the original, this is where the melancholic & nostalgic voice of Sub Teal appears. The breakdown entrances the darkness into something bright & motivating while Nourey’s guitar flows with lushing pads. The lead sounds appear after the breakdown ends, assisting the transition to the main climax. Happy & festive, the climax is coated with a solid drum scheme, the vocals from the original & a new utility of the remixer’s guitar. Although a massive twist compared to the mood of the original, it still stands on its own! 

Pretty cool to see this track getting 2 modern yet different (keeping the vibe vs. twisting it) remixes! It’s also nice to see how far Nourey is getting. After recently being part of a charity AnjunaTwitch 24h event, it’s great to see this 2nd mega appearance on the label, and there’s more. To follow these appetizing remixes on Anjuna, the main course is an EP featuring some highly promising names including Nourey. 

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