Minus One feat. Nina – Breathing (StanV Remix)

🇧🇪 Nash & Pepper debuted in the 2000s as a Trance duo by Nicholas G. & Steven P. The second member left the project later and was replaced by Thibault H. Fast forward to last September, they introduced their new side project Minus One, dedicated to Progressive, on Flashover Recordings. This recent release w/ Nina 🇧🇪 on Flashover Progressive (under Armada) got an epic treatment from their fellow 🇧🇪, StanV! The latter adopts an interesting mixture of classic and modern Progressive Trance styles, it is a hot topic among talented producers these days! StanV has featured on the biggest Progressive Trance imprints like Enhanced Progressive, High Contrast, Elliptical Sun, & Flashover. Let’s hold our breath and jump into this breathtaking 🇧🇪 product…

The mix owes its first breath to flashy beats and sparkling synths, the energetic intro sees dark groove and springy kicks added throughout the way. Nina’s humming then marks the turning point towards enlivening melodies and fresh groove. Following that, original dark melodies join to establish a cinematic base for Nina’s magnetic vocals. Emotional and epic, the melodies and synths add more glow to the vocals and maintain a healthy parity between the original vibe and the new Uplifting taste. Lastly, the mystic climax features a remarkable combination of dark melodies, festive beats, and Uplifting synths. It leaves you intrigued and eager for more through its smooth progression.

StanV added more dark energy and a Prog-lifting Style to the original, making it his own Breathing version. This is the style we want to hear on Flashover Trance! We look forward to Minus One’s album as well as the next product of StanV’s consistent evolution.

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