Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif – The Phoenix

Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif – The Phoenix (FSOE 650 Anthem)

RATING: (18.4/20)
Energy: 9.5/10
Emotions: 8.9/10

Future Sound Of Egypt aka FSOE have finally unleashed a big anthem to celebrate the 650th milestone for their eponymous radio show. It’s a tradition that the bosses, Aly & Fila, make anthems in collaboration or solo every 50th since they reached 200. This time, however, they assigned the task entirely to their childhood friend Philippe El Sisi 🇪🇬 and his partner-in-crime Omar Sherif 🇪🇬, who have resurrected “The Phoenix”. It’s Omar’s 4th time contributing to an FSOE anthem and Philippe’s 3rd. Individually, they have amassed massive support over the years from Trance legends & the Trance family with releases on high caliber imprints. Together, not only are they FSOE veterans but they are also renowned for their Uplifting collabs like Demolition, Amsterdam, Shine Through etc. First premiered by Aly & Fila @ Tomorrowland last year, followed by ASOT 950 Utrecht & FSOE 650, this anthem finally lands on our review radar.

“The Phoenix” takes off with powerful, speedy beats & pads to bring an anthemic atmosphere to the crowd. It gets darker & techy with retro-synths driving while choirs add a twist to the vibe. Emotions are triggered by the combination of the acapella & intriguing melodies, acidic techy synths follow to support the energy. Dashing beats make an entrance to the captivating climax that is based on the main melody, the delicate but energetic synths partnered to make The Phoenix soar high into the sky. The outro is sick with its lively synths & slammin’ beats. Overall, it’s a balanced banger between Uplifting & Tech.

What a duo these two make! Such a mega-powered anthem from the entrusted Uplifting masters, also one of the best from the label & artists as well. FSOE has many more sick releases coming this month so keep your eyes peeled.

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