Review – Neptune Project – Temple of Artemis (Rated R remix)

What happens when an awesome duo remixes another epic duo’s track? That’s right… you get double the madness!

This little master piece not only found it’s way onto VII’s Solo album, mixed by Simon Patterson, but it is also named as his favorite track on the album by non other than Armin van Buuren.

It seems like anything Rated R touches lately gets turned into gold…. well… add another six Infinity stones and you have Neptune Project – Temple of Artemis (Rated R remix).

The Rated R boys managed to add so much energy to the track. Going from layers of dirty acid to big pads with an orchestral feel and a subtle choir it just sweeps you away and gets you moving all over the dance floor.

Accompanied by big stabbing intro plucks and a driving lead melody, this hands in the air peak time banger is the perfect example of uplifting trance!

Go get your copy:

And be sure to catch their next Mirrored Sound show here:

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