The Blizzard & Axis – Just Kidding

Do you miss those childhood memories you cherish? When you had nothing to worry about, when you could do whatever you want, when you celebrated life before dealing with it yourself? This is for you to rekindle that spirit! Progressive Trance veterans Lars Nyheim & Tore Jensen aka The Blizzard 🇳🇴 have a reputation in the scene for their peculiar sound. With heavy influences from the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, & Andy Moor, they’ve developed what we like to call “Retrophoric” (Retro+Euphoric). Their breakthrough hit ‘Kalopsia’ (Armind, 2007) served as a great prelude! They paved the way for artists like Omnia, Daniel van Sand, The Madison and worked with Susana, Somna, Jaren, etc. Now they’re expanding their collab list with Axis 🇷🇺 🇺🇸. The Enhanced artist rose to the surface after winning the remix contest for Above & Beyond + Gemma Hayes ‘Counting Down The Days’. Seeing him on Pure Trance is no joke, even if the title says otherwise!

A glistening ambiance of warm pads flows in motion, synchronized with the groovy bassline, the celestial fills, & the vocal sample of children having fun! Warm retro synths embody the theme further, the good old days of childhood. In parallel, it calls to mind classic trance from way back! By now you’ve heard Axis’ bit while The Blizzard is slowly entering. It becomes prominent during this breakdown which defines the purpose of the track. The vocal sample from the intro returns with retro chords, keys, and analog synths- the melodies scream happiness at its max! There’s no direct buildup, we revisit the 1st climax before the 2nd rises suddenly; after the unexpected yet mesmerizing transition, we witness ‘Retrophoric’ happiness with shining riffs & powerful drums, starring progressive melodies & childhood memories!

Some of the best progressive trance of the year… And there’s an incoming follow-up! Moreover, The Blizzard have a packed schedule ahead, with releases on AVA, Coldharbour, Blue Soho, etc. including their first 138 bpm tune.

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