4 Strings, Kaimo K & Susanne Teutenberg – Diving

4 Strings, Kaimo K & Susanne Teutenberg – Diving

RATING: (18.1/20)
Energy: 9.1/10
Emotions: 9/10

Kaimo Kerge 🇪🇪, one of the veterans of Amsterdam Trance Records, is popular for the passionate & remarkable structure of his works. He also appeared on Emphase Recordings, Silent Shore (Abora), In Trance We Trust & most Raz Nitzan Music subs. His multiple vocal masterpieces include works alongside various names like Ana Criado, Neev Kennedy, Audrey Gallagher, Cathy Burton, Sue McLaren, etc. Not to mention a few instrumental hits as well. Thanks to this, he amassed a big fandom and huge support from A-list Trance DJs as well. This year, he’s on a roll as his rework of legendary 4 Strings’ classic Take Me Away topped the Trance Beatport chart. It’s considered as one of his top works, one that got wide admiration in a short time. Now comes another take on another 4 Strings’ 2002 classic, “Diving”, that is also a team-up with the masterminds behind the original: Carlo Resoort & Jan de Vos aka 4 Strings 🇳🇱 , and Susanne Teutenberg 🇩🇪. It was first released on Liquid Recordings (Spinnin’) & got remixes from Minimalistix, Cosmic Gate, Hiver & Hammer, and others including the duo themselves back in 2018. Susanne’s voice graced many 4 Strings classics & she sang Kaimo’s Take Me Away as well.

2020’s “Diving”
starts in vivid waters as Susanne’s charismatic voice performing the original lyrics floats atop lusty & heavy bass + lively beats. The passion gets more intense as beguiling piano melodies put the famous catchy chorus verse on a pedestal. The fast & powerful synths in the breakdown feature Kaimo’s well-known signature, rapid & compelling beats followed by the main melody & acapella build the hearty climax. Vocals, perky beats & drums polish the whole track & the result is magnificent!

Massive rework again by Kaimo. He made it difficult to choose between “Take Me Away” or “Diving”. What do you guys prefer? Let us know in the comments & also check his remix for Karanda & Sarah Rusells’ “Still Got Time”, coming your way very soon.

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