OTS Reviews – Neptune Project – A Question of Reality (Album)

When you think “Neptune Project” you think banging euphoric uplifting trance. Yes you are right…but this is where you need to question your reality.

The album which has been years in the making and has been thoroughly thought through from start to finish. Not only will you be treated to the delicious spine tingling uplifting sounds of Neptune Project, catapulting your senses into space, but you will also experience the reality of what Neptune Project are really about.

Your senses will be treated to fifteen tracks, everything from floaty ambient, filled with trippy, delicious sounds coupled with Polly Strange’s vocals on top of it to really tickle your bodies endorphins. You will also hear 80’s style ambient accompanied with sweet guitar licks courtesy of the amazing Christopher Lovell. This album also holds host to the iconic uplifting driving acid filled sounds of Neptune Project featuring not one but two tracks with Jules Moyce once again providing the sublime vocals for!

This album is like no other that I have ever heard. It has everything you could every wish for in an artist album and it clearly demonstrates trance production and talent of the highest order.

It will make you smile, it will make you cry, it will make you fist pump like never before!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Available now on Amplifyd

Neptune Project – A question of reality


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